Swimming Pools in Perth Mean More Than Just Good Times for Your Family

The obvious benefit of installing pools in Perth is having a place to relax, socialise, and celebrate. Investment-savvy homeowners, however, also see a swimming pool as a plus factor in terms of property market value. A feature article on News.com.au discusses this further.

Swimming Pools


Pool Ownership Down Under


A survey showed that out of the 1.2 million Australian households with swimming pools, ninety percent believe their pool increases the value of their property by an average of $30,000 (with estimates ranging from $10,000 to $100,000). The study also takes a look at the impact of location and demographics. In particular, homes with pools located further from the coast and closer to suburbs with a high proportion of children ages 4 to 16 have higher property values.


Angus McLean, a research analyst from PRD Nationwide, confirmed that a pool can boost interest in a property (and consequently value) as long “it is in proportion with the yard and does not overwhelm the garden.” Here are other benefits you can look forward to when you have a pool installed through established pool providers like Palm City Pools.


Cost and Ease of Installation


Installing a pool isn’t all that costly or difficult. Reasonable fibreglass pool prices, in particular, offer a considerable cost advantage over those of, for instance, traditional concrete pools. Fibreglass pools also require less time to install, ensuring you will get to enjoy them much sooner.


Well-Suited to the Climate


Perth enjoys a climate comparable to the Mediterranean—warm and dry, with temperatures known to reach over 40 degrees Celsius in the first few months of the year. Given all that heat, it’s not surprising for locals to seek ways to cool down, and that’s something pools can provide in the blink of an eye.


Good for Your Health


Swimming is a low-impact activity that subjects your body to a complete workout whilst actually taking some of the stress off your muscles. You get to build strength, improve your flexibility and endurance, and lose weight without going all the way to a beach or water park.


In the end, all these reasons, plus the hours of bonding with your family and guests, make investment in a pool worth it.


(SOURCE: “Swimming pools add value to homes, as long as they tick the boxes”, 17 February 2014, news.com.au)