About Us

Palm City Pools has experience in installing swimming pools since 1973. John Raykos was subcontracting complete pool installations at the time – doing everything on his own from the plumbing to filtration, backfilling and levelling – the beginning of Raykos Pools.

Starting as a small business installing one pool per fortnight, the business quickly grew to two pools a week within 12 months. Moving on a few years, swimming pool installations grew to a whopping 10 – 20 pools a week, with John breaking the record for pool installations, installing 21 pools in the ground in 1 week!

Raykos Pools broadened their business offering after recognising a gap in the market. In 1988, John purchased a property in Briba Lake and established a second hand pool business – selling fully refurbished fibreglass pools with new gel coat and brand-new pool equipment. The volume skyrocketed to 150 pools a year. Raykos Pools changed their name to Palm City Pools in 1993 to reflect the change in business direction. Palm City Pools joined SPASA in 1998 to have a positive impact in the swimming pool industry.

Since then, Palm City Pools has been one of the top choices in Perth for those looking for skilled and reliable pool companies. Many who choose us for our pool installation services are homeowners who want to get the most value for their swimming pool investment. Our company continues to install fibreglass swimming pools of all shapes and sizes on various types of properties, and is also the most relied upon by residents in Western Australia communities when it comes to swimming pool transfers and removals.

In 2019, Palm City Pools partnered with major swimming pool companies to start selling stock pools.

For more information on our pool products and services, contact Palm City Pools today. John is always eager to share his four decades of experience in the pool industry to help clients choose the best and most cost-effective pool options.

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