With Affordable Perth Swimming Pools, Say Hello to Summer this October

SAVE $1000.00 on Hayward EnergyPro Heat Pumps with any pool purchase!
From October 1ST to October 31ST


Get one of our refurbished or Brand New release swimming pools in Perth, and say hello to summer this October!


Would you like to start summer early with a pool right in the comfort of your own backyard? How about getting one of our brand new or refurbished swimming pools in Perth? If you purchase one this October, we’ll even throw in a whopping $1000.00 discount on Hayward EnergyPro Heat Pumps – with discount applied prices start from $2850!


Spring is traditionally dry and warm, so we’re expecting a parched climate in the following months. In order to extend your swimming season (all year round if you really want to!) a Hayward Heat Pump is the perfect solution. If you make the decision to install a quality Palm City fibreglass swimming pool in the comfort of your own home, you and your family can cool off on hot days and relax in warm water during the chillier months of the year!


If you’re concerned with affordability, we can provide you economic choices like no other. At Palm City Pools, we are experts at refurbishing Perth swimming pools, and we carry a selection of less expensive but high-quality fibreglass pools to suit your budget. Our careful restoration process revives the beauty of old pools, so you can purchase products that will truly enhance your outdoor living area. We have also released our two BRAND NEW swimming pools the Florina and Edessa. Be sure to check out our stunning new pool shapes at www.palmcitypools.com


Palm City Pools now has everything you are looking for in a fibreglass swimming pool – fully refurbished to our premium quality specification or brand new factory direct.


Don’t delay! Indulge in a timely backyard remodel, and say hello to summer this October!


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  • Redeemable from October 1ST to October 31ST
  • Valid with every pool purchase
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