The Benefits of Plunge Pools in Perth Homes: For Kids and Adults Alike

The Benefits of Plunge Pools in Perth Homes: For Kids and Adults Alike

Parents all over Australia no longer need to worry that installing a pool in their homes would just be a
waste of money. Nate Traylor of Pool & Spa News reports on a new study that highlights how
swimming can be good for the development of young minds:

“According to a recent Australian study, children who participate in swim lessons at an early age
reach significant developmental milestones earlier than their non-swimming peers. They score
higher in tests and are generally better coordinated.


The research was conducted over the course of three years to validate or refute the popular
belief in the aquatics industry that young, competent swimmers appear to be more confident,
articulate and intellectual.


… The study yielded some surprising findings: Not only did child swimmers achieve physical
feats faster, but they were more cognitively advanced. Test results found that these kids are
months, even years, ahead intellectually. They’re able to read, write, count and use building
blocks better than those without aquatics education.”

Nobody ever thought that a simple and sometimes leisure-related activity such as swimming could
bring in some wonderful benefits to child development. Renowned Swiss developmental psychologist
Jean Piaget, if alive today, would have probably been pleased to find out that an activity as fun as
swimming is scientifically proven to bring significant benefits to children’s learning and cognitive
development stages.

study finds swimming grows minds

However, having a pool in Perth homes does not only benefit children. Even adults can help maintain
a healthier lifestyle by swimming laps regularly. After all, swimming is considered to be among, if not,
the most holistic exercises out there, because it uses and activates muscles in the entire body. Of
course, there is also the perk of being able to keep cool during the hot, summer days – even nights.


The list of reasons why homeowners should consider installing their own plunge pools in Perth does
not end there. Those who would like to dramatically increase the value of their property would do well
to adding one in their backyards, as pools also add to the aesthetic quality of the house.


Homeowners in the Perth metropolitan area can get the help of trusted pool installers and contractors,
such as Palm City Pools, to plan a good pool purchase and construction. There are plenty more
reasons why having a pool in one’s home is a worthy investment, but it’ll be better if people
experience it for themselves.


(Source: Study Finds Swimming Grows Minds, Nate Traylor, February 18, 2014)