Building Pools in Perth: Cool Ideas for a Relaxing Retreat at Home

There’s truly no place like home. After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be nice to engage in a relaxing activity right in your own backyard pool or spa? Lisa Hallett Taylor, pool and patio expert for, cites various ways you can unwind in your outdoor living space. Here’s one of them:

Outdoor Living Space

Hot Tub Soak or a Swim

Hot tubs and spas are intended for romance, parties or relaxation. Let’s be honest — most of the time you’re going to use it to loosen up sore muscles and soak away your troubles. Built-ins like music, TVs and mood lighting might help get you to a happier place, but the hot, bubbly water should suffice.

Swimming in a pool can be a relaxing form of exercise — how else can you build strength and tone without sweating? Waiting until evening to swim has a special kind of appeal, it’s usually more quiet, the moon and stars are shining above, and ambient pool lighting help to create a peaceful, satisfying way to enjoy your pool.

With so many reasons to install a swimming pool or a spa yet, why not? You deserve it!

Aside from the recreational and health benefits of pool installation, building pools in Perth also allows you to improve your outdoor living space. Consider the value a swimming pool can add to your home (more info on building a swimming pool as a property investment here!), all while keeping costs manageable because of the numerous options available. You can consider a new pool or even a pre-loved pool to save some dollars.

Here are some creative ideas you can integrate into your backyard pool and surrounding area:


Rustic designs are a trend in pool construction. You can get the pool in classic rectangular or oval shape and in a neutral colour. You can then surround it with decking made of wood for that distinctive look. Shrubs, flowers, stones, and other natural materials can be arranged to complete the Zen vibe. You can also add patio accents that match the tone of the decking to finish the project.


Alternatively, you can go with a modern, minimalist design in building your pool. You can get a fibreglass pool in a shape you desire and build a decking around it to doubly function as seating and as an entryway. There are various materials you can choose from that are both long-lasting and low maintenance.

An award-winning pool company like Palm City Pools can walk you through the many options you have for a recreational swimming pool. They offer installation packages with affordable fibreglass pool prices to make your home improvement more cost-effective.

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