Cool R&R at Home: Easy Upkeep and Maintenance with Fibreglass Pools

Run a search about in-ground fibreglass pools in Perth, where swimming pools are a fixture in many households, and you will find that one of the main advantages of this pool type is the minimal maintenance required. How true is this claim, exactly, and what does it mean when we say a pool is low maintenance?

Pools generally share two common maintenance concerns: algae build-up and chemicals. Learn how fibreglass pools can save you a lot more on maintenance costs based on these aspects.

Algae build-up

There are over 21, 000 known species of algae, three of which commonly accumulate in pools. One such specie is green algae, which floats freely on water or attaches to pool walls, thereby giving the pool water a green cast. Black algae, meanwhile, grows in crevices, cracks, and shady parts of the pools, and are mostly recognized as black spots. Mustard algae, on the other hand, is usually mistaken as dirt and are likely to form in areas that receive the most sunshine.

Pool algae become harder to kill once they take root in the pool shell. This factor makes pools with porous surfaces, such as granite, rather difficult to clean as compared to fiberglass pools that have smooth surfaces. These pools have non-porous shells that provide very little room for algae to hide and adhere to, which makes them easier to maintain. Not surprisingly, fiberglass pools stay cleaner for far longer and require shorter vacuum times.


As mentioned, fiberglass pools tend to harbour less dirt, which also means you don’t have to use as much chemical as you would to clean a concrete pool. In terms of maintaining water balance, Aqua Magazine points out fiberglass pools do not interfere with water the way highly alkaline cement-based pools do, which makes their pH and alkalinity balance more stable in the long term. The inert nature of fiberglass pools also makes them more resistant to chemical attacks, thereby allowing them to keep their original appearance for a long time.

If would you rather spend less time, effort, and money on pool maintenance, then you probably know which pool type you should choose. See what options reputable companies such as Palm City Pools have to offer.


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