Custom Installed Plunge Pools in Perth: Embracing the Art Deco Style

Like other states in the country, Western Australia’s landscape is quite diverse, especially when it comes to the architecture of homes and other buildings. You can see neighbourhoods with plenty of preserved or refurbished Federation style homes in one region, and in another, you can spot a few quaint Californian Bungalows as well as several Functional homes. In Perth, you can still see a few restored homes built around the 1930s that sport the Art Deco style in addition to properties inspired by distinctly French architecture.

Custom Installed Plunge Pools in Perth Embracing the Art Deco Style

Art Deco as an aesthetic movement retains its appeal to this day and even drives contemporary trends because of the interesting elements associated with it. You can recognise an Art Deco home by virtue of its façade and indoor features designed with clean, straight lines and intricate geometric patterns. The materials used are often a mixture of exotic wood and streamlined chrome or steel. Taken as a whole, these elements give the property an air of elegance or even opulence.

If you’re planning to install a plunge pool in the backyard of your Art Deco home, you would naturally want this addition to blend seamlessly and give your home a unified look. Here are some ideas to consider when selecting plunge pools in Perth that suit or embrace Art Deco:


Choose an interesting geometric shape like the Roman-end or Venetian, double Roman-end (or simply Roman), or Grecian. The symmetry, domed edges, curved corners, angular junctions, and straight lines perfectly capture the Art Deco style. You can also explore the lazy L shape and other variations to rectangular pools.


Select a fibreglass shell in deep blue, green, or grey tones, all of which go well with marble decking. Alternatively, get one in any shade of ivory, and surround it with dark timber wood panels or textured bricks.


Pick rectilinear or curvilinear furniture, such as glass or marble coffee tables designed with dramatic lines, and stylishly bold light fixtures. Decorate with vibrant Aztec or Egyptian prints for a more attention-grabbing poolside space.

Established Perth pool companies like Palm City Pools allow you to choose from several fibreglass pool shapes and finishes that meet your aesthetic preference. The experts at these companies can also provide help in completing your outdoor living space by providing advice on paving, landscaping, and fencing services.



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