Our Customers Come First! Another Happy Palm City Pools customer……

All our family and friends are enjoying our new addition and we only have one complaint, we are kicking ourselves that we did not install the pool sooner! We now come home and feel like we are on holidays especially with the weather we are having.

May I take this opportunity to thank John and all the team @ Palm City Pools for a job well done and I cannot praise you enough for the professionalism and the clockwork precision with the installation, I shouldn’t say this but I have some friends that signed up for their pool 4 weeks earlier than us and their yard still looks like a bomb has hit it as they did not get the service they expected from their pool supplier, it has been a very stressful period for them especially over the Christmas break when the tradesmen stopped.  I can only thank you again for making the process stress free for us.

I am now one  of your best advocates when conversations turn to pool suppliers and service, the biggest buzz for us is when everyone is shocked to find out our pool is second hand and how much we saved. I can only continue to spread the word for you.

I wish you continued success and keep up the great work.

Kind regards,

Doug Moody.

General Manager.

Mormac Packaging Australia