Customise Plunge Pools in Perth by Adding Fun and Unique Features

One does not need a big backyard to make pool installation possible. In fact, compact plunge pools have long been a popular choice for residents of Perth and nearby suburbs in Western Australia whose backyards are relatively small. Local pool companies such as Palm City Pools install plunge pools in a variety of sizes and shapes that can suit your needs.

Customise Plunge Pools in Perth by Adding Fun and Unique Features

Despite its diminutive size, a plunge pool can be customised with the addition of some fun features.

Stay warm in the cold

What fun is having a pool in your own backyard if you can’t go swimming whenever you please? If you are worried about wind chill, you’d certainly want something to keep you warm as you enjoy a refreshing dip. A solar heating feature for your pool would make a smart investment indeed. This way, you can enjoy swimming and keep your pool warm the “green” way.

Light it up for safety and style

Pool lights are a necessary addition to your plunge pool, especially if you’re fond of night swimming, if you have kids living in the house, or if you like to hold mini parties beside the pool. Adding lights not only improves safety but also amps up the aesthetics and overall ambiance of your pool area. Classic white lights are common for pools, but if you want something more stylish, you can opt for colour-changing LEDs instead.

Make a statement with a water feature

Even if your plunge pool is a bit on the smaller side, you can still add some water features to enhance its look. Turn your pool into one of the best areas in your home by adding a waterfall or spillway. With the right set of lights, your pool will look absolutely stunning at night. Depending on your pool contractor, you could have a variety of waterfall designs to choose from. Pick one that would go well with your choice of tiling and interior finishing.

The simple installation of a plunge pool can easily add to the value of your home and the enjoyment you can derive from it—more so if you invest in additional water features. Be sure to choose only trusted companies in Perth like Palm City Pools to handle the installation of both your pool and your desired pool extras.


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