Discovering Preloved Swimming Pools in Perth Now Easier on New Website

Bibra Lake, Western Australia (7 July 2014) – Finding information about refurbished swimming
pools in Perth isn’t always easy. As a result, homeowners can sometimes develop misgivings
about purchasing a preloved pool. To address this, Palm City Pools, a Bibra Lake company that
provides and installs preloved swimming pools in the Perth area, has redesigned its website to
provide potential clients with an exciting yet informative new portal for information on
refurbished swimming pools.


Palm City Pools’ new website makes discovering the benefits of buying a preloved fibreglass
swimming pool a lot easier with a number of new features. First, the website is now mobile
responsive. This essentially means that the site will look fantastic and will remain useable
regardless of the device that is used to view it–whether it be a smartphone, tablet, personal
computer, or any other gadget capable of browsing the web.


Second, visitors to the website are now treated to a rich visual experience to complement the
site’s textual information. Lots of new images show prospective buyers exactly how the
company extracts and refurbishes fibreglass pools to make them as good as new. Similarly,
images also illustrate the installation process so that clients understand what to expect when
they receive their new pool. Of course, diagrams are also provided to show buyers the
different designs the company offers.


Third, testimonials are also presented on the Palm City Pools website that highlight the
company’s dedication to providing great products and equally great installation and
extraction services.


Finally, the new website is also designed to be social. Through it, visitors may reach out to
the company through social media, be informed about various promotions, and find feature
stories, press releases, and other interesting media published on the company blog.


Palm City Pool clients and customers may swim on over to to see
firsthand how the changes to the website benefit the experience of discovering why a
preloved swimming pool is a fantastic choice. While there, visitors are encouraged to contact
the company to set an appointment to further discuss the specifics of their pool purchase.


About Palm City Pools


Palm City Pools grew as an offshoot business to its original role as a pool installation
subcontractor when the company was still named Raykos Pools before 1993. John Raykos,
having realized the potential in relocating preloved pools, eventually changed the company’s
direction to focus solely on that role. A change of name accompanied the change of business,
and Palm City Pools was born. Since then the company has grown to become one of the top
providers of preloved Perth swimming pools in Western Australia.