Dive into Pool Purchase: Benefits of Plunge Pools for Perth Homes

Dive into Pool Purchase: Benefits of Plunge Pools for Perth Homes

If you want to buy a pool to decorate the yard of your home in Western Australia, then you
should familiarise yourself with the various options available and weigh up the pro’s and con’s of
each. Plunge pools in Perth, for instance, can be an excellent choice for the space-conscious
consumer, especially if they’ve been installed by professional, reliable contractors, such as Palm
City Pools. Here are some of the advantages of installing a plunge pool outdoors, or even

why install a plunge pool


Plunge pools are meant for wading and lounging more than swimming, so they shouldn’t really
take up much space—as a matter of fact, they are only slightly larger than a personal spa or hot
tub. You may decide to make it part of your decking, or as a fixture in a small garden—no need
for wide rectangles or ovals cut into your yard.


Naturally, your plunge pool will be much more affordable than a full-blown swimming pool,
especially if you choose to buy second-hand over brand new ones. Nevertheless, you should
note that there are many factors that go into how the pool is priced, among them, the size of
your pool and yard area, and the accessibility of your house for the building equipment.

Flexible Design

Freelance writer Jaclyn Fitzgerald, in her article on Home Improvement Pages, talks about how
plunge pools allow for more design options:

“If you’re thinking about installing a plunge pool, the good news is that you’re not stuck
with just two or three shapes to choose from. Plunge pools are made from fibreglass or
concrete and come in a range of shapes and sizes, from circular through to rectangular
and other geometric shapes. You can even have them custom made if you want to.
What this means for you is that you can choose a pool shape that fits in your allocated
area perfectly. Add landscaping and your pool will look like something that’s always
belonged, not something you’ve tried to shoehorn in!”

Therapeutic Benefits

Since this type of pool is meant for relaxation more than swimming, you can use it for your
personal hydrotherapy. You can even take this a bit further and install additions like swim jets to
better soothe your aching muscles and worn out joints.

Efficient Perth pool companies like Palm City Pools can help set you up with the perfect size
and type of plunge pool for your yard.

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