Fibreglass Pool Misconceptions

Fibreglass pool problems come in two varieties: actual concerns and myths. Today, we’ll be talking about one of the most amusing and most common of all misconceptions about it: Do fibreglass pools float or pop up out of the ground?

Fibreglass pool builders get this a lot. The truth is any kind of pool, whether it’s fibreglass, concrete or vinyl, can pop up out of the ground. However, the assumption that a properly installed fibreglass pool is at high risk of floating has no factual basis.

It’s Because of Hydrostatic Pressure

Any kind of vessel can float if there is enough upward force exerted upon it. The technical term for this condition is hydrostatic pressure. The water building up pressure underneath the pool has nowhere to go and eventually pushes the pool up out of the group and turns the pool into a boat. The pool will then do what a boat does best: float.

This is why you should only get your fibreglass pool installed by an experienced professional pool installer. Anyone telling you that fibreglass pools can easily float out of the ground is simply trying to use fear as a means to motivate you into getting a different type of pool.

What’s the Solution?

One thing prevents any kind of pool from floating: proper installation. A hydrostatic pressure relief valve may be added to the bottom of the pool, allowing the water to escape before it builds up too much pressure underneath the pool to damage it. In other cases, a construction liner is installed next to the pool during the pool installation process with its own submersible pump. The pump is turned on if the pool ever needs to be drained to relieve any hydrostatic pressure.

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