Fibreglass Pools for Perth Homes: Consider Them during Renovations

Swimming pools provide a fun way to exercise and relax in the comfort of one’s backyard. If you want your pool to have a new lease on life or are planning a general renovation of your home, you may want to upgrade to a better option. The best way to do this is to install a fibreglass pool.

Family Pool

Renovation Basics

Thinking of renovating your backyard or upgrading your old pool? Perth’s hot summers provide a great reason to upgrade your backyard to include a swimming pool to cool off from the summer heat. Whether you are looking to bring your existing pool up to par with modern standards, install a larger pool to accommodate your growing family or simply want to install a new pool in your back or front yard you will need to carefully consider a few factors. What shape will suit your yard? How will it look when it’s complete? What options and features do you want? What colour and finish do you like most? This is where fibreglass pools prove superior.

Why Get a Fibreglass Pool?

Upgrading to a fibreglass pool on a modest budget is quite possible. This is because unlike traditional in-ground swimming pools, fibreglass pools are pre-made in a mould and provide exceptional strength and durability. This construction method is very popular due to the ease and speed of installation and the amount of variety available with a plethora of shapes, sizes, finishes and colours to choose from. With some clever landscaping, your new pool can blend right in with the rest of your backyard.

A fibreglass pool doesn’t even need to be brand new. Contractors such as Palm City Pools offer refurbished or pre-loved fibreglass swimming pools that are a lot more affordable than new ones yet last for many, many years. This can save you a lot of money since fibreglass pools are considerably cheaper in Perth than their concrete counterparts. Thanks to their smooth and non-abrasive flooring, fibreglass pools are easy to maintain and keep clean as they provide no grooves or cracks where algae can settle.

With a fibreglass pool, your family can enjoy a modern-looking pool while enjoying significant savings. You will be quite pleased you made the switch to fibreglass.

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