Fibreglass Pools in Perth: Great Design Ideas for Small Backyards

Australians just love to spend time outdoors even when they are in the comfort of their own homes. Not surprisingly, swimming pools are a popular household fixture in major metropolitan areas like Perth. That being said, the average lot size in the city has shrunk in recent years. Needless to say, there’s much less space for home additions such as pools.



Fortunately, the pool industry has an answer to this space dilemma: fibreglass pools designed for small spaces. Here are some great design ideas to help you pick out a pool to fit your needs.


Simple Designs


Fibreglass swimming pools in Perth come in a plethora of designs ranging from basic to sophisticated. Note that large curves and complex design elements only work for spacious backyards. For a smaller space, you need something simple, functional, and direct to the point. Basic pool designs with straight lines are your best option. You can make up for that lack of space by making your pool deeper and using bold colours for optimum appeal.


Go Longer


Achieving your desired pool width may prove challenging if you have a small backyard. If that is the case, you need to focus on length so you can maximise the space you do have. Choose a pool shape that highlights length more than width; rectangular, oval, and kidney-shaped designs are appropriate in this regard. Longer pools also make for great lap pools.


Add Features


Extra features can turn your pool into a great entertainment area. The good thing is that small pools don’t need that much work, which means you’ll be saving on cost in the process. For example, if you add spa jets, you can instantly turn your average pool into a relaxing spa. You might also want to add some interesting water features to give your pool a wow factor. Try an elegant waterfall or spillway, for instance.


Extra Seating


If you like to have people over, some extra pool seats or benches would be great additions. A good idea is to place the seats in one corner to create a nook where people can sit facing each other.


Small spaces are quite difficult to work with, so you could definitely use the guidance of professionals. In fact, it’s better to entrust your pool’s design and installation to established pool companies like Palm City Pools. You’ll have less to worry about, and only more to look forward to.



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