Fibreglass Pools in Perth: Four Pointers to Help You Choose Your Pool

When you plan to buy a swimming pool for your main house, or even a vacation home, selecting the one that fits your needs and preferences can be complicated. On the bright side, you can get things done quickly despite the challenges by looking into fibreglass pools and their current attributes.

Fibreglass pools have been around for almost 40 years and advances in engineering and pool design technology have improved their look and feel. Nothing looks better in a pool area than a swimming pool that fits flush with the rest of the property, and fibreglass varieties can achieve that match. If you’re looking for fibreglass pools in Perth, a company such as Palm City Pools has the perfect one for you. Below are things to consider before having a pool installed.

The basics of backyard pools


Inground fibreglass swimming pools make for a clean, crisp layout in the outdoor space. A pool company that has been around for years would have a variety of designs for inground pools that could create a stunning visual effect. Pool specialists emphasise that the design should reflect the house’s architecture and landscape.

Common fibreglass pool designs include bean shapes, polygons, and conventional rectangles, with a slight protrusion for steps. Depths vary from one or two metres at the deepest, while total area ranges from 30sqm to 40sqm.


Fibreglass swimming pools in Perth can be acquired as pre-owned units or brand new. A pool provider such as Palm City Pools, for instance, has a listing of extensively refurbished pools in the inventory, which have a panoply of support options attached. This can be more cost-effective, price-wise, than ordering a new pool.

Legal Hurdles

Naturally, there are legal aspects to consider before you could install a fibreglass pool in your property. An article written for recommends seeking the approval of the local government council, especially for issues like the pool’s distance from the property boundary and following any water conservation guidelines.

Related construction

As even fibreglass pools could be dangerous for unsupervised children and to comply with pool fencing laws, a pool seller will also advise the installation of a safety fence, depending on the household composition and the potential users of your pool.

Deciding on a fibreglass pool for your home may be one of the more complex decisions you’d ever make regarding home improvement. By mulling over the abovementioned tips, with the help of a pool company familiar with installation and design trends, you can make the choosing a lot simpler.

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