Fibreglass Pools in Perth Homes Offer Various Advantages to Owners

Fibreglass Pools in Perth Homes Offer Various Advantages to Owners

Owning a pool is not only a great way to stay cool in the summer, it also increases the value of your
home. Of course, adding a pool is a significant investment, and it requires careful consideration before
proceeding with installation.

benefits of a fiberglass pool

One of the first hurdles you’ll encounter is choosing the type of pool to install. While concrete and vinyl
pools are viable options, more and more people are getting fibreglass pools from Perth installers like
Palm City Pools. Owner John Raykos explains why these pools are so popular with customers:


Easy to Install (or Remove)
Fibreglass pools are prefabricated, meaning the “shell” arrives at your home premade and ready to be
installed in the ground. You could be swimming laps in your very own pool in a week or less, which is
far quicker than the three-week installation time required for concrete or vinyl pools. In the same vein,
removing fiberglass pools from Perth homes is also markedly easier, according to Raykos, whose
company also removes and refurbishes pre-owned pools.


It’s Durable
Since swimming pools are major home improvements, you want it to last as long as possible.
Fibreglass pools check this tick box since they have a hard, durable surface that can’t easily be
punctured. In comparison, damaged vinyl or concrete pools can cost thousands of dollars to resurface.


Easy to Maintain
Cleaning your pool can be a chore. Forgo it, however, and pretty soon jumping into the pool will be the
last thing on your mind. Fortunately, fibreglass makes maintenance easier than ever, as this article
from points out:

“…Fibreglass pools tend to require fewer chemicals to maintain than concrete varieties,
which can result in a higher return on investment over the long term. Plus, with
fibreglass, pool owners need not worry about replastering or placing a new vinyl liner on
a pool, both of which can prove costly.

In addition, as opposed to the plaster found in most concrete pools, fibreglass doesn’t
change the chemistry of the water, which means pool owners can use less acid over the
pool’s life and save money. With a smooth surface, fibreglass pools are also a relative
snap to clean.”

If you’re in the market for a pool, be sure to ask a trusted contractor about their fibreglass pool
selection. With this variant, you’ll enjoy a low-maintenance pool that will serve you for many, many


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