Fibreglass Pools in Perth: Perfect Trees to Plant in Your Pool Area

Leading pool builders such as Palm City Pools offer beautiful landscaping work in line with the installation of refurbished fibreglass pools in Perth homes. With the right landscaping elements in place, such as ornamental plants and trees, you can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of your backyard.

Landscaping with plants and trees requires thorough planning and execution to ensure that the resulting beautification complements rather than complicates pool ownership. With proper tree selection and spacing, for instance, you can enjoy bountiful shade and at the same time keep pool cleaning to a minimum by keeping fallen leaves and debris away from the water. In addition, delicate plant leaves remain healthy as they are kept well away from chlorinated water.

Choosing Your Plants

Australia is home to several invasive tree species that may hold a certain aesthetic appeal yet do not make the best backyard trees. Trees like the Black Poplar, Weeping Willow, and Pride of Bolivia are noted for their quick growth rate due to their aggressive root systems that branch out in search of moisture and may come into contact with external pool walls. In short, you need to choose plants that are not too wayward and consequently make it a breeze to keep Perth fiberglass pools in good shape.

Certain trees offer dense canopies minus invasive roots. Take the Lemon Citrus x limon, for example, which has shallow roots and provides you with an au naturel source of lemonade to boot. As for chlorine-resistant plants, opt for species with tough, leathery leaves like Mondo grass for the pool bed. You can also consult your local council for a list of recommended drought tolerant tree species in your neighbourhood.

Useful Accessories

Although you cannot prevent trees from shedding leaves, you can certainly keep the pool water clear of fallen leaves and other debris. Solar pool covers, in particular, do well in this regard and also keep the water temperature constant.

You might also want to consider installing root barriers. Normally made of plastic, a root barrier is less than 1 mm thick but can divert roots vertically, steering them away from service pipes. These barriers also come in handy when your local council advises against tree removal, especially if you already have an invasive tree in your backyard.

By choosing trees and plants that thrive in harmony with your fibreglass pool, you can enjoy years of stress-free pool ownership. Count on a contractor like Palm City Pools to help make the swimming pool installation process worry free and provide the right advice every time.


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