Have Fibreglass Pools in Perth Renewed, Save Over $500 on Heat Pumps

Get solar heat pumps for only $3,850.00 when you buy them with our fibreglass pools in Perth

From September 1 until September 30, 2014 only

Winter is nearing its end in Perth and residents are looking forward to spring and summer. To celebrate the closing of the cold season, Palm City Pools is offering a special package for those who are planning to install fibreglass pools in their Perth homes.

From September 1 to September 30, you may get our solar heat pumps for only $3,850.00 (from the regular price of $4,400.00) if you order them with our refurbished fiberglass swimming pools. The promo price is inclusive of GST, and installation will be free of charge!

You may also order the solar heat pumps when you have your old pool refurbished. Our complete installation package includes a fully-restored pool (in the colour of your choice) with a maximum volume of 50,000 litres, high-quality gel coating, standard bobcat excavation, installation and pipework. It also comes with a new filter, salt chlorinator, and underwater light; a handover kit, handover and start-up chemicals, an engineer’s certificate and a 10-year warranty!

It’s an irresistible deal! You get to enjoy more sunlight and warm water while lounging in one of the best fiberglass pools in Perth! So, get rid of that winter chill now. Call us!

• Get solar heat pumps for only $3,500 when you order them with your refurbished fiberglass swimming pools. (Solar heat pumps have a regular value of $4,400.00)
• Promo price is inclusive of GST and installation.
• Maximum pool volume is 50,000 litres.
• Promo runs from September 1 to September 30, 2014 only
• For more information, call 0418-922-012.