Fibreglass Pools in Perth: Three Factors that Complete the Look

When it comes to a pool installation project, taking part in the design planning process can be an exciting activity since it provides you the perfect opportunity to showcase your style, creativity, and smarts. As an extension of your home, your pool should look every bit as elegant as the centrepiece it is meant to complement. For this reason, companies that install Perth fibreglass pools will be the first to tell you that pool finish is a major consideration.


The appearance of your pool’s surface can add a certain ‘dazzle’ factor to your overall home design or else shine in its own simplicity. With a multitude of choices, you can truly make a splash in your backyard—perhaps even your neighbourhood—by choosing the perfect pool finish. Here are a few excellent choices for you to consider:

Gel Coat

Quality gel coats will give your pool a smooth, brilliant finish that will last for decades if applied correctly. The seal that a gel coat forms on the pool surface is actually a flexible material that can prevent cracks and leaks from forming. Gel coats can even resist damage from drastic temperature changes, chemicals, and salt.

Colour & Finish

In todays modern world the choice of pool surface colours for your fibreglass pool are almost unlimited. Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Black, Cream, Sand, Turquoise – whatever your heart desires! Dark colours can also retain heat from the sun and actually heat up your pool water for no cost whatsoever! There are also many finishes to choose from – glitter and shimmer types to granite look and feel.

Border or Waterline Tiles

Waterline tiles are a great option for homeowners interested in a low-maintenance and durable material to accentuate the pool’s surface. Although mainly limited to the waterline, tiles for fibreglass pools come in a wide assortment of colours, patterns, textures, and sizes—perfect for someone who wants an eye-grabbing pool area. No rule says you should only stick to one type of tile design, however, as you can combine tile designs to create a mosaic that should make your pool’s borders pop out.

If you need some professional input, companies that build Perth fibreglass swimming pools such as Palm City Pools can provide you with the valuable information you need.

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