Fibreglass Pools in Perth: Top Design Trends to Consider for Your Home

Given Western Australia’s predominantly subtropical climate, it’s not surprising to find Perth pools in the backyard of many homes. A watering hole in the privacy and comfort of your home, after all, can be a great place to cool off and make a splash whenever you’re entertaining guests. It also gives you plenty of opportunities to relax and exercise alone or with family and friends.

In recent years, pool features such as automated controls, energy-efficient pumps and filters, quality fencing, and other accessories that promote safety and sustainability have become quite popular. Pools in quaint shapes and sizes are also sought after, particularly those that maximise limited or irregularly proportioned backyards and comply with local regulations. Experts also observe a considerable preference for pools that score high on cost savings and aesthetics.

Although not every pool shape may be fit for your backyard, you can take note of certain design ideas to make your pool a cut above the rest. There are also plenty of variations or elements you can incorporate to enhance the functionality or aesthetic appeal of your backyard. Here are some ideas worth considering:

Hotel Luxe

Opt for the sort of clean, minimalist style you’d often see at posh hotels, and surround your pool with cosy furniture. Add some warmth through wood decking or a more durable, synthetic alternative with dark wood tones.

Balanced Elements

Play with the elements of water, fire, and earth when accentuating your pool with outdoor décor. Consider waterfalls or fountains, fire pits or outdoor fireplaces, various lush grasses, plantings, and flowers for the backyard landscape.

Bold and Bright, Day or Night

Don’t forget lighting accessories that improve the functionality and safety of your pool. Have underwater lights installed, and brighten up pathways to the pool with a line of lamps in a garden bed or floating lights on your perimeter walls or porch.

Reputable pool companies like Palm City Pools offer affordable fibreglass pool prices and complete packages for a stylish and cost-effective backyard remodel. Count on these pros to help you keep costs in check and to provide quality workmanship throughout the entire pool installation project. You can also count on them to help you obtain building permits or certificates and to create a masterful landscape design.

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