Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Perth: A Great Choice for Fitness Buffs?

Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Perth: A Great Choice for Fitness Buffs?

Spring is in full swing, and for some people, that means a good time to go for a swim. The Sydney Morning Herald writer Nicole Elphick reports that several Sydney-based celebrities like Luke Hines, an alumni of the popular competitive cooking show and personal trainer are more than happy to know that spring has come.

Spring in Sydney

For me, as a personal trainer, spring is that great transition where people start getting invigorated again. Swimming in spring is fantastic as the water is starting to warm up. “Boy” Charlton [Pool in Woolloomooloo Bay] is reopening soon. It’s an outdoor pool, but it’s salt water so it’s good for your skin as well. And the Prince Alfred Park Pool [in Surry Hills] recently had a makeover. It’s heated with amazing facilities and right in the heart of the city.

Perth has its share of great places to go for a swim, like the Beatty Park Leisure Centre and the Fremantle Leisure Centre. However, since these are open to the public, individuals looking for some swimming exercise can expect the pools to get pretty crowded. Thus, they can consider having their own fibreglass swimming pools in Perth.


Generally speaking, swimming is a good way to stay fit and healthy because doing so allows individuals to move their whole body against the water’s force. Since water is denser than air, it’s believed that as long as swimmers make the most out of their time in the water, they can burn more calories than they would out of the pool.


Lap fibreglass pools in Perth are a great choice for those who wish to use their pools primarily for exercise. These pools are typically rectangular, and some can be fitted with lap lanes to make them ideal for exercise. A less popular type as far as workout pools go, however, is the irregular shape pool. This type is more suited for those who prefer to use their pool area mainly for entertaining guests and holding parties.


Fibreglass pools offer numerous advantages. The construction that goes into making fibreglass results in a highly durable material. These pools take a short time to install and are economical. Fitness buffs can further stretch their dollar by going for quality, refurbished pools from pool specialists like Palm City Pools. A fibreglass pool is also easy to maintain, giving owners more time to devote to exercise.


Swimming is good exercise. However, why don’t health buffs consider having a fibreglass pool installed in their very own home to offer them the benefits of durability and low maintenance, while simultaneously affording them the freedom to swim any time they what, as long as they want?

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