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Factory Second & Stock Pools

Palm City Pools offers you Perth’s most affordable factory second and stock pools direct from Australia’s leading swimming pool manufacturer. We specialise in selling quality factory second pool and stock pools at reduced prices. There’s a large selection of sizes, shapes and colours.

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Stock Pools


Size : 6m x 3.2m

Depth : 1.1m – 1.8m

Colour : Twilight


Size : 6m x 3m

Depth : 1.2m - 1.63m

Colour : Horizon


Size : 9.5m x 4m

Depth : 1.37m - 2.0m

Colour : Sky Blue


Size : 8m x 4m

Depth : 1.0m - 1.8m

Colour : Artesian Mist


Size : 9.5m x 4.1m

Depth : 1.0m - 1.8m

Colour : Singleton Beach Silver


Size : 7m x 3.8m

Depth : 1.0m - 1.8m

Colour : Middleton Beach Silver


Size : 8m x 4m

Depth : 1.0m - 1.78m

Colour : Twilight


Size : 7m x 3.5m

Depth : 1.1m - 1.78m

Colour : Silver Mist


Size : 7m x 3m

Depth : 1.0m - 1.88m

Colour : Horizon


Size : 7.6 x 3.6m

Depth : 1.0m - 1.96m

Colour : Hamptons Blue


Size : 9m x 4m

Depth : 1.0m - 1.8m

Colour : Twilight


Size : 8m x 4m

Depth : 1.0m - 1.8m

Colour : Horizon

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