How to Get a Good Deal with Refurbished Fibreglass Pools

When talking about ‘used’ or ‘secondhand’ fibreglass pools, we refer to pools that have been previously installed at a property. The owners generally have had the swimming pool for a number of years and have then decided to have it removed.

fibreglass pool

Secondhand fibreglass pools can be an economical option for property owners aiming to enhance their backyard. Priced less than newly installed pools, these secondhand restored “refurbished pools” let you enjoy a sizeable discount, yet allow you to enjoy the same benefits of a new pool owner. When shopping for used fibreglass pools, you can refer to this checklist to guide your purchase:

How Does the Pool Look?

The cosmetic finish can vary dramatically, depending on the type of pool and repair work needed. Some repair work blends seamlessly, while others stick out like a sore thumb. No matter the budget you’ve set, the cosmetic condition is a consideration you’ll want to make.

Did the Swimming Pool Crack?

A crack is almost always noticeable. If there’s damage, you’d find a discolouration of sorts on the inside or outside of the shell where the crack was. But, simply because a pool was damaged previously, it does not mean it’s weaker in that particular area. In fact, a repaired pool may be stronger than it was before it was repaired.

What is the Warranty on the Swimming Pool?

Be sure to get the warranty in writing and inquire about any of the pools details, such as its previous owner. At Palm City Pools, all the pre-owned fibreglass pools we acquire carry a 10-year structural warranty. Each pool has been carefully relocated and refurbished at our workshop, masterfully repaired and recoated with Gelcoat. When it comes to quality and structural integrity, we’re confident that we can provide you with the best.

Palm City Pools has a selection of refurbished pools available for viewing, with many sizes and shapes from which to choose. If you’re interested in our pools, feel free to contact us today.