Get to Enjoy the Beauty of a Fiberglass Pool

Today, the fastest growing swimming pool sector is fibreglass. Over the last 10 years, the popularity of fibreglass pools has seen a dramatic rise. If you’re contemplating the installation of a swimming pool in your own backyard, you need to understand why a fiberglass pool may be the best way to go. 


Thanks to advancements in technology and manufacturing technics, fibreglass swimming pools have become a true icon of sophistication and beauty to rival any other type of swimming pool. Although white and sky blue were once the only available finish, a wide range of colours and finishes are now available as well as a plethora of shapes and sizes to suit any backyard enabling you to have a fiberglass pool that is truly unique and beautiful.

Fibreglass Compared with Other Materials

The fibreglass shell is very smooth and non-porous enabling it to resist algae growth and is also a better insulator. Unlike concrete/gunite or vinyl pools, your fibreglass pool requires less chemicals as the pool walls and floor do not adversely affect the chemical balance of your swimming pool. Pools with porous surfaces such as concrete and plaster can alter the pH and Total Alkalinity levels of your swimming pool making it more difficult to keep the chemical balance of your pool water in the correct range. Calcium levels also need to be watched closely so the pool walls do not deteriorate. Fibreglass pools do not suffer these issues and are therefore much easier to maintain.

Easy Installation

Fibreglass pools are prefabricated in a factory hence making it incredibly easy when it comes to installation, which can be achieved in less than 2 weeks. The pool gets delivered directly to your yard and placed without lengthy installation times associated with other pool types. In deciding what size and shape pool you would like you need to consider the size of your yard and the purpose of your swimming pool. Most people choose to install the largest pool possible with the available space in order to maximize their investment. You may want to add a gazebo or entertaining area with outdoor kitchen to really make the most of your outdoor space when entertaining friends and family. Carefully consider your needs and wants to ensure you install the correct swimming pool for your requirements.

Be sure to contact an industry professional such as Palm City Pools who has built up years of experience in the swimming pool industry to ensure you get the pool which will suit your needs.