Going for Small and Simple: Swimming Pools for Better Value

Smaller swimming pools are proving to be a very popular choice for small families living in cities where block sizes or land area is much smaller than it used to be. In the hunt for affordability there is no option other than choosing a smaller block in the suburb of your choice. The days of a sprawling backyard and expansive property are gone. Big or small, the size of pool you choose to install will not diminish your swimming experience if it is designed and installed correctly. Best of all, you can expect that smaller pools will be more cost efficient in the long run and far cheaper to heat for year round swimming.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

You might think that a bigger pool automatically means a better pool. This is not necessarily the case. These days there are many innovative products which can make up for any space or size constraints. Swim jets are a fantastic way to be able to swim an endless lap in your swimming pool regardless of the length. Consider also how many people will actually be using the pool regularly and the types of activities that the pool will be used for – exercise, fun, enjoyment?

Many manufacturers nowadays offer smaller pool sizes to meet the growing demands of smaller yards. Many styles are available to suit this growing market. To make up for the smaller size, people often go all out on pool extras and features. For instance, a small pool can also double as a therapeutic spa by adding jets and heating. Add in some LED lights and a waterfall feature, and you have your own backyard playground.

Pool Price Tag

Of course, a smaller pool means less expense in terms of maintenance. Less chemicals to treat the smaller body of water, less water to fill the pool up, less money to heat the water to the desired temperature and less money to be spent on a pool cover. As you can see – a smaller pool can be a very worthwhile investment.

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