In All Shapes and Sizes: Choosing From Available Perth Pools

The thought of adding a pool to your home in Perth is an exciting one. After all, very few things can completely transform the beauty and function of a backyard quite like an in ground swimming pool. The best part is that in ground swimming pool prices are affordable since many companies offer package deals.



Although there are many things to consider before signing off on a pool installation project, one of the most important factors in choosing a pool is the shape. Today, pool shapes are no longer confined to simple circles or rectangles. Certain practical considerations also dictate the type of pool that is best for your backyard—making it important to choose the correct shape before your contractor starts digging.


It can be a little intimidating to settle on a particular shape due to the number of choices out there. To simplify matters, ask yourself the following questions:


How am I going to use this pool?


Do you plan to swim laps every day or simply for cool off during warm summer days? This is a fundamental question any prospective pool owner should consider. A classic rectangular pool is great for swimming laps. On the other hand, simple recreational activities allow you to choose more imaginative shapes like free-form pools.


Who will use this pool?


Is it simply for family enjoyment, or will you have friends and extended family over often? The more people you see using the pool, the bigger it should be. You should also carefully consider the average age of users. For example, a kidney-shaped pool is a good choice for homeowners with young children as the indent on the side of the pool can serve as a visual clue for where the water gets deeper.


How much space do I have in my backyard?


Space is always a premium in backyards. Naturally, you wouldn’t want your pool to consume every inch of space in your backyard. If you find that the free space behind your home is a little lacking, you may want to consider having a plunge pool installed. Pools of this sort are slightly smaller than regular swimming pools, so they consume less space.


Once you’ve answered these questions, you may want to share them with your chosen contractor. A respected pool company, such as Palm City Pools, can then suggest pool shapes and optional extras that suit your purposes.



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