Innovative Pool Designs that Maximise Space

A pool provides a favoured summertime leisure activity for many homeowners in Australia. Lounging by the pool in the company of family and close friends is something that Australians often do to have fun.

Some people, however, find it difficult to find the perfect spot for a pool in their home. Their concerns include small backyards, unmoveable fixtures or even safety issues that may become a problem if they consider building a pool.

Palm City Pools has the solution. Here are three space-efficient pool designs that help you maximise the space in your home:


Courtyard Swimming Pool

Kidney-Shaped Pools

Kidney-shaped pools are often shorter in length, making them suitable for condensed backyards. The sleek curves of the kidney-shaped range enhance the aesthetic value of any property while providing space-efficient solutions. Any homeowner with a smaller backyard will find that kidney-shaped pools have a flexible design, allowing them to use the remaining space for other purposes.


rectangular swimming pool

Rectangular Pools

Narrow spaces should never be a problem, says Neil Hall, a renowned business person. Ready-made rectangular fibreglass swimming pools are easier to fit into smaller homes because they have the length required for comfortable swimming without unnecessarily extending the width to take up more space. Some backyards in Perth are the size of a small basketball court and rectangular pools can be a perfect fit.


Swimming Pool

Geometric Pools

Our pool designs come in many different shapes and you can be sure that one will be right for your backyard. Our team at Palm City Pools works with what we have, which is your property. We can help you find which pool best fits your backyard. With our large selection of pool shapes, you’ll not only find a fit for your space but you’ll be able to choose something that’s aesthetically pleasing to you.

Palm City Pools is passionate about giving you the pool you deserve. Schedule an appointment with us to learn how you can beautify your backyard with a pool that your family and friends will love.