Installing a Refurbished Pool in Your Backyard

If you ever had doubts about getting a refurbished pool, now is the time for a change of heart. A refurbished pool does not need heavy construction or installation. You can have it installed quickly and extracted from the site for repair. With Palm City Pools’ fibreglass pools, you also enhance your pool’s aesthetic and your home’s kerb appeal, should you decide to put your house on the market in the future.

While we do provide new pools, your swimming pool does not have to be ‘brand new’ to exude natural charm. If you visit our website, you will see that we have an extensive list of fibreglass pools in various shapes, sizes and colours. Our revolutionary shimmer colours bring out the best in your pool.

Buying Refurbished Fibreglass Pools

If you want a fibreglass pool installed in your backyard, but you are on a budget, consider renovated pools. When opting for a refurbished pool, there are typically three things you need to make sure.

Structural Warranty – This is important because refurbished pools are restored products. At Palm City Pools, our standard warranty is ten years.

Restored Functionality – If the pool was damaged before refurbishing, you need to make sure it will function like new. Our pools undergo a rigorous restoration process. We start by grinding and cleaning the shell back to its bare form and preparing it for the recoating process. We apply an undercoat and a gel coat to protect the pool from algae growth and chemical reaction from chlorine. We then reinstall the shell and add optional fixtures for an optimal experience.

Industry-Trusted Product – With our products, you will not notice that you are buying a previously owned swimming pool, as it looks and feels almost new. The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) recognises our efforts and processes, which means that our products are trustworthy and reliable.

Thinking of purchasing a refurbished pool for your backyard? Contact us now.