Installing Swimming Pools in Perth for Leisure and Learning Purposes

Many Australians sure love to swim. Whether on the beach or in the comforts of their backyard, they enjoy splashing about in the waves and taking a leisurely dip. As children, they learn to love the water, while as adults, they nurture their ability to swim or the affinity for underwater recreation.

In the RN publication of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Olympic gold medallist Shane Gould and her husband, Milt Helms, who coaches elite swimming teams and is co-founder of the Swedish Centre for Aquatic Research, share their insights on this national pastime. Among other things, they attribute Aussies’ love of swimming or of simply being underwater to the thrill and therapeutic effects.

are we a nation of swimmers

The biggest hindrances to embracing swimming as a sport or as a recreational activity, they say, are excessively formal lessons at school and the uninviting design of many pools. Children and teens, especially, can be discouraged or intimidated, and carry these negative feelings until they grow up. Your own children may find it difficult to enjoy swimming like you do and content themselves with isolated indoor activities.

One thing families like yours can do to avoid this possibility is to encourage kids to view swimming pools in Perth as places for both leisure and learning. If you have a pool at home, or if you’re planning to have one installed, make it as safe and as inviting as possible. You can do this by choosing the appropriate pool design and features.

An Attractive, Relaxing Oasis

One of today’s biggest pool design trends is to make it a natural part of the home, and to design its setting (your backyard, perhaps) as a comforting outdoor living space. Look for a beautiful fibreglass pool that fits your space well, and design the area around it with an appealing landscape features and cosy outdoor furniture. This will make learning how to swim or simply soaking in your watering hole an enticing activity for kids.

A Safe Haven

The most important factor to consider, however, is the safety of your outdoor retreat. Aside from ensuring an optimal or soothing water temperature through the installation of heaters, you must also maintain the cleanliness of the water. You can likewise install fencing, rails, and other features for added safety. Companies that offer affordable and high-quality refurbished Perth swimming pools, such as Palm City Pools, can take care of installing, designing, and accessorising your very own aquatic sanctuary.

(Source: Shane Gould: are we a nation of swimmers?, RN by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation)