Live the Movie Star Life: The Sophistication of Plunge Pools in Perth

Most everyone’s vision of a vacation getaway is a three-day stay in a five-star hotel and just enjoying the warm water lapping on their skin while they’re submerged in the pool overlooking an island. While this kind of getaway seems exclusive to movie stars and socialites, you can bring home the five-star experience when you buy your own plunge pool.

Laps of luxury

According to The Australian’s Susan Kurosawa, plunge pools have become the perfect getaway and a must-have for every five-star hotel:

The ultimate in resort amenities is no longer an ensuite with gold taps, spa bath and Hollywood-starlet lighting. Today’s must-have accommodation lure is an exclusive plunge pool, typically set within a shaded courtyard, beside the beach or protected from view by decorative wooden or stone walls.


Whether a celebrity or VIP seeking absolute privacy or a holiday-maker of a certain age who’s done with posturing by a big resort pool, the trend is in keeping with the 21st-century quest for sanctuary and seclusion. No operator opening a villa compound in tropical destinations such as Bali and southern Thailand would consider omitting private swimming spaces, whether glossy lap pools or petite plunge options.

Plunge pools are known for their small size, making it perfect for relaxation. This kind of pool is now becoming more popular in hotels and resorts for guests, ranging from businessmen to A-list movie stars, who are simply itching to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and just relax in the water. Aside from relaxation, plunge pools are also perfect for newly-wed couples on their honeymoon.


This experience, however, doesn’t have to be exclusive to five-star hotels and resorts. Perth plunge pools are the preferred swimming pools at home, since living spaces are now becoming smaller as the days go by, everyone has to make the most out of it. Furthermore, plunge pools are easier to maintain than regular-sized swimming pools and are perfect for your kids and for the whole family.


Installing a pool at your home does not come cheap, though. You also have to secure local permits before you can begin with the installation. It’s a smart idea to buy your pool from quality Perth pool companies like Palm City Pools, which offers a wide variety of fibreglass pools to choose from and professional advice on what is involved with the installation.


The fun and relaxation brought about by plunge pools in five-star hotels and resorts can now be experienced in your own backyard. With just the right amount of imagination, you can even make a better experience for your family and your loved ones.


(Source: Laps of luxury, The Australian, September 10, 2013)