Looking for Fiberglass Pools in Perth? Two New Designs are Available!

Perth, Western Australia (October 7, 2014) – A backyard pool is one of the best assets a home can have. It is an investment that will pay off for years as a bonding space for families, relatives, and friends. With Western Australia bathed in sunshine almost year-round, fiberglass pools in Perth homes are the perfect way to relax and cool off during down time.

Aside from encouraging social interactions and providing a great place to swim during sunny weather, Perth fiberglass pools also enhance the outdoor aesthetics of residential properties. That’s why Palm City Pools is excited to introduce two new designs for its fiberglass pool shapes: the “Florina” and the “Edessa”. These pools represent a very exciting time for Palm City Pools who have been in the refurbished second hand pool market for decades. The new pool shapes are available in a range of exciting colours and finishes and are NEW – not refurbished. Palm City Pools now caters for all fibreglass pool needs whether new or second hand, giving them a significant advantage over the competition with the wide range of pricing and budgets their products now cater for.

Ready for orders by October 15, the Florina has a size of 5.7m by 2.7m with a depth of 1.1m to 1.65m, while the larger Edessa measures 7.31m by 3.65m with a depth of 1m to 1.83m. Whether it’s for people starting a family or a big one with several children, both pools will certainly be a source of joy and wonderful moments for everyone while making any home a more exciting place to live in.

Palm City Pools recognises that swimming pools can be significant investments, especially for those who are mindful of their resources. That is why the company specialises in restoring pre-loved pools, making them as good as new with a fresh gel coat and brand-new pool equipment. Additionally, the firm’s years of experience has made it an expert in moving fiberglass pools to their new homes. With a wide range of designs and sizes available, clients are sure to find the right fit for each of their houses.

For more information on the perfect fiberglass pool design, visit www.PalmCityPools.com.

About Palm City Pools:
One of the most skilled and reliable pool companies in Perth, Palm City Pools has years of experience refurbishing and relocating high-quality pre-loved fiberglass pools of various shapes and sizes for homeowners to enjoy.