Make Your Fibreglass Pool Energy-Efficient and Keep Your Home Green

Pools can add a certain appeal and value to any home in Perth and elsewhere. Some people, however, wonder about a pool’s potential impact on household energy consumption. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make pools energy-efficient, from installation to operation, so you can maintain an eco-friendly home.

Make Your Fibreglass Pool Energy-Efficient and Keep Your Home Green

Find a sweet spot

Think you already know where to put your pool? Think again; the location of the pool is actually more than just about aesthetic appeal. In colder weather, your pool will have more need for artificial heating. You can reduce that need by placing your pool in an area that gets direct sunlight. This way, your pool will already be naturally heated during the day, thereby saving some energy that could have otherwise been spent on artificial heating.

Use the right equipment

No pool would be complete without the addition of air blowers and heaters for maximum relaxation. An older pump could be less efficient than newer models, so be sure to install only recent models that have good energy ratings. The same is true for pool heaters, but if you really want to save up on energy, you can use solar collectors that can be mounted on your roof. By collecting natural sunlight, the heating system effectively warms up the water in the pool without using too much electricity. Even with energy-efficient pool equipment in place, you might still want to limit their running time for more energy savings.

Cover from the Elements

A pool left out in the open without any protection from the elements can rack up your energy bills. It is a good practice, therefore, to cover up the pool, especially if your home has trees around the pool area. This will help reduce the work your filter has to do and prevent the water in the pool from evaporating as well. There are many pool covers available to buyers, but perhaps the greenest option thus far would be a solar pool cover that can protect your pool from harsh winds and foreign elements whilst still letting in enough light and heat to keep water temperature constant.

An energy-efficient pool doesn’t have to cost more than an average pool. In fact, companies like Palm City Pools offer buyers affordable fibreglass pool prices, not to mention environmentally friendly pool extras and equipment.


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