Modern Design Ideas: Turn Indoor Swimming Pools into Private Paradises

If you’re after year-round swimming, an outdoor pool might not be the option for you. A low-maintenance indoor fibreglass pool might be more to your liking, however, if you’re sensitive to the cold or you wish to go swimming during the rainy season.

Perth has generally fair and sunny weather, but winters here can easily be less than 10 degrees Celsius especially at night. Just because it’s indoors, however, does not mean your pool area has to be boring. Here are some excellent modern design ideas that will turn any indoor swimming pool into your very own private paradise.

Have Fun with Shapes

The first thing you can do to make your pool area a little more interesting is to pick a great shape. Fibreglass pools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have the space to spare, you can choose styles that have curves or fancy Greek pattern designs. If you don’t have that much room to work with, a creatively placed pool with straight edges makes a good alternative.

Light it Up

Night swims in a well-lit pool can be every bit as safe and luxurious as swimming in a five-star resort. Indeed, quality lighting fixtures liven up your pool area and improve overall safety. Pool lights come in different colours that help set the mood. While you’re at it, you can also light up the interior with some overhead lighting fixtures, ambient task lighting, wall lights, and maybe some sparkling lights on the ceiling to resemble a starry night sky.

Create a Theme

A themed pool area is a fantastic idea, especially if you love hosting poolside parties. Delight your inner sea child with a Little Mermaid themed party, complete with inflatable seashell pool floaties, ocean life wall murals, and other sea-inspired concepts.

If you’d like to recreate a tropical haven, meanwhile, a beach-themed pool area with artificial palm trees, cascading waterfall feature, and a tiny hut or a hammock on the pool deck will make you feel like you’re on vacation no matter the time of the year.

Choose the Right Furniture

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your new indoor pool area, so make each stay more comfortable by bringing in furniture and other décor items. Invest in a nice coffee table and chair set, cushioned loungers, a comfy loveseat, potted plants, or any other decorative and functional elements that help you create the desired look and feel.

An indoor pool can be a great addition to your home. For an indoor pool that won’t break the bank, look for companies that offer affordable fibreglass pool prices, such as Palm City Pools.


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