Moving? You Can Take Your Pool with You

Australia is home to some of the world’s most excellent swimmers, from Shane Gould to Ian Thorpe. Since swimming is a celebrated sport in the country, it is quite common to see pools in homes.

A pool conveniently installed in a family home is a favoured summertime escape for many homeowners in Australia. Family members and guests enjoy dips in the pool to keep cool whenever it is hot. It remains a valuable investment for a modern suburban home. A problem arises, however, when residents decide to move from one house to another. What happens to their beloved pool then?

Calling the Shots

As a family, it is important to discuss amongst yourselves the decision regarding your swimming pool. Other than your partner’s preference, take into consideration what your children feel about keeping or leaving the pool. It is, after all, theirs as much as it is yours.

Moving families often decide to leave the pool in their old property to enhance its value. Others call for demolition services to give potential tenants and homebuyers the freedom to recreate the space as they see fit. The important thing is that the resolution concerning the home’s swimming pool is one that is understood by everyone in the family.

Convenient Home-to-Home Transfers

Homeowners can sometimes be quick to invest in another pool in their new homes, but they may be unaware that it is possible to take your swimming pool with you. Those who are keen on keeping their pools may request for professional pool removal and transfer services.

Palm City Pools provides fibreglass pool removals and transfers complete with crane systems, safety inspections and refurbishment to give your pool a brand new look. We will help you salvage your pool – your kids will thank you for it. Feel free to contact us or visit our website and give your old pool a new life in your home.