New Life: How Swimming Pools in Perth Add More Value to Old Houses

Koongarra, a 130-year-old house in Strathfield, Sydney, is a prime example of how a few home additions can turn a dilapidated property into one of the hottest real estate items on the market. According to Brendan Wong, real estate reporter for Perth Now, the property had crumbling plaster walls, faulty lights, and didn’t even have a working bathtub when it was first bought in 1979. After years of restoring and installing new home additions to the property, including a new swimming pool, Koongarra sold at more than $4 million at an auction last October.

Koongarra in Strathfield’s Golden Mile

This trend of adding swimming pools to old homes isn’t just restricted to Sydney’s exclusive residences. The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Western Australia reports that about 3,500 swimming pools are installed in Perth and other places in the state every year. Considering that a swimming pool is a huge investment, however, home owners might want to find a way to save money for this particular home addition. Thankfully, there are companies that sell refurbished swimming pools in Perth, like Palm City Pools, which are just as good as brand-new ones without the large price tag.


Owning a refurbished swimming pool isn’t just a sensible choice because of the monetary value it adds to an existing property. A swimming pool also provides a wealth of health benefits, specifically by facilitating certain aerobic and cardio workouts. It also provides endless entertainment to the family, particularly to children and teens who can be expected to invite their friends over for swims more often. Finally, having a pool at home is also a great way to introduce kids to competitive swimming, as this home feature can serve as a training facility to let them practice their swimming skills at a young age.


Such benefits will outweigh the aesthetic appeal that a swimming pool adds to an old or new house, which explains why Koongarra fetched for such a high price. While it’s a sensible option for home owners to have a swimming pool refurbished than to build a new one from scratch, there are a few things they must also consider. Specifically, a refurbished swimming pool has a fixed shape and size, which means home owners must be absolutely sure that their estate can accommodate this home addition before they buy one. They can consult with Perth swimming pools companies and contractors for expert advice to ensure they make a well informed decision.


With these things in mind, adding a brand-new or refurbished swimming pool at home is clearly a practical choice for many households in Perth and elsewhere, especially if they wish to earn a huge profit similar to what Koongarra’s previous owners enjoyed.


(Source: Koongarra in Strathfield’s Golden Mile to sell under the hammer for more than $4 million, Perth Now, October 31, 2014)