Perth Fibreglass Pools: An Overview of the Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool

If you are in the market for in-ground fibreglass pools in Perth, you will have to sift through so many choices in terms of shape—rectangular, L-shaped, circular, etc. Certain shapes complement the surrounding structures or landscape better than others. That being said, the kidney shape may be on top of your list of choices since it’s a very popular design adored by many pool owners.

Perth Fibreglass Pools An Overview of the Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool

The Kidney Shaped Pool Described

As the name implies, kidney-shaped pools resemble an oval with an indentation on one side. The absence of any angles gives the design a natural look and makes it suitable for backyards of any size. It also provides a natural placement of both shallow and deep ends for swimmers.

Design Benefits of a Kidney-Shaped Pool

Many pool designers use the kidney shape’s soft, retro look as a foundation from which to build more elaborate structures. Some designers will add shrubbery, greenery, a waterfall, a slide, or even a spa along the indented area. Some will add a few unique furniture pieces on one side of the pool to exude smart use of that available space.

When to Have a Kidney-Shaped Pool

The kidney-shaped pool is an asymmetrical shape that pairs well with most modern home designs. A pool of this shape is a natural choice for non-rectangular backyards. Some people like how the shape can create two natural parts of the pool for different activities.

If your home is more of the traditional kind, with plenty of sharp corners and angles, this pool shape may not be optimal as the architecture of such a home suits the formal lines of a square or rectangular pool. In most cases, however, pools placed farther out in the yard can take on more asymmetrical shapes like the kidney, as these look more natural and can blend well with shrubbery, greenery, and landscaping.

Who can build your kidney shaped pool?

Leading companies like Palm City Pools have many years of experience in the installation and removal of new and refurbished fibreglass swimming pools in Perth. They have the ability to transform your backyard into an oasis replete with landscaping, fencing, and waterfall features, along with the kidney-shaped pool of your choice.



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