Perth Plunge Pools Still Fit the Bill Amidst Perth’s Shrinking Lots

The average pool measures around 30 square metres. That excludes the space needed for the landscaping, patio, and the like, which normally takes up around another 4 to 5 square metres.

It looks like a manageable number unless you’re in the market for a house in Perth these days. In December 2013, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) reported that lots around the city have shrunk more than 9 per cent in the first nine months of the same year. Small lots, once the minority in Perth’s housing market, have now become the majority.


As Perth Now reported:

“The quarter acre block has all but disappeared, with homes built on lots less than 200sq m becoming increasingly popular,” UDIA WA chief executive Debra Goostrey said.

“When the quarter acre block was in vogue two decades ago, Perth blocks under 500sq m represented just 8 per cent of newly subdivided lots, but in 2012/13 they rose to a staggering 70 per cent of lots.”

With this development, the challenge for pool contractors today is to provide a pool in Perth that can fit in the smallest lots. This is especially true in the suburbs of Dayton and Butler, where the median lot sizes, according to the UDIA, are among the smallest in the city.

Smaller Pools

Fortunately, the pool industry has come up with a solid solution. Pool companies such as Palm City Pools encourage homeowners with small lots to have pools with sizes as small as 12.5 square metres installed instead. While these Perth plunge pools aren’t made for breaststrokes, swimming isn’t the only way to cool off on a scorching Perth afternoon. Many people simply prefer a pool area where they can relax and have a coldie.

Plunge pools are also made for those who want their own body of water but not have to worry about maintenance and installation. Due to its small size, plunge pools are easy to clean. If you want some swimming done, resistance jets can provide an ideal condition for swimming in place. The jets can also induce a therapeutic effect.

Installation can be less of a hassle with fiberglass pools since they come to your doorstep in one piece. Aside from the excavation necessary to accommodate the pool and the electrical work, installing a fiberglass pool isn’t as intricate as building a pool from scratch. Not counting pool site preparation, a fiberglass pool can be put in place in one to three days.

Residents of Perth’s suburbs need not lament the loss of space for a pool. Despite a smaller size, a well-designed and built pool can give you as much pleasure as a big one.

(Source: Average Perth block size shrinks again, Perth Now)