Perth Pool Design Tips for an Environment-friendly Outdoor Space

Home improvement can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour, but it can be extremely rewarding as well. The advantages that makeover projects offer are things that Australian homeowners look forward to. writer Jenni Ryall reports Aussies have a penchant for home renovations that they re-do their houses as often as once every three or six months. Enhancements most often include their backyard spaces:

Pool, deck, eco-friendly

Famous for our good weather and long, hot summers it isn’t surprising Aussies prioritise the outdoors with only 1% of homeowners admitting to having no outdoor space. Eighty percent of Australian homes have a backyard, 70% have a front yard and the outdoor area is the number one priority for renovation with 44% planning a makeover in the next 12 months.

Perth locals who intend to maximise their outdoor living areas don’t have to settle for a mere deck or patio. They can also consider a professional Perth pool installation to put their backyards or front yards into good use—especially when summer temperatures reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius. For those who want to incorporate their earth-friendliness perspective into their pool’s design, here are suggestions to contemplate:

Refurbished pools

What better way for one’s outdoor space to reflect his or her eco-friendly stance than a refurbished pool instead of a brand-new one? Sure, refurbished means it’s pre-loved, but pool installation specialists, like Palm City Pools, ensure these secondhand pools’ quality is topnotch so they turn into a worthwhile addition to any home. Meanwhile, refurbished plunge pools in Perth are ideal for those with limited space in their backyards or front yards.

Pool covers

No resident in his or her right mind will swim in the pool 24/7, and for those times that the pool is unused, keeping it covered will minimize water evaporation. This way, homeowners won’t have to refill their pool often. Those who feel more comfortable swimming in tepid water can use solar pool blankets instead of heaters, which consume too much energy.

Waterfall features

Apart from being effective enhancement features, incorporating a waterfall feature in the pool’s design can make homeowners instantly think of being out in nature. It’s certainly a big plus if they want to keep to their eco-friendly viewpoint.

When it comes to pool design, there are so many ways for homeowners to give it an earth-friendly flair. Seeking professional pool installers can help get them on the right track.

(Source: Pool, deck, eco-friendly: This is the typical Australian home,, November 21, 2014)