Perth Pool Professionals: Adding a Waterfall Feature to Your Pool

When you have a professionally installed swimming pool in your backyard, you can look forward to countless afternoons spent basking under the sun whilst floating on the water and sipping a cooling beverage. Little wonder, then, that swimming pools are such an integral feature of contemporary homes in Perth.

Why not take your little piece of paradise up a notch by adding a waterfall element that promises to take your breath away? Apart from infusing your backyard oasis with an irresistible charm, soothing waterfall features built by creative Perth pool professionals, like those from Palm City Pools, can also enhance your outdoor area’s overall ambiance. Here are some pool waterfall ideas to consider:

The Mediterranean Look

Waterfalls that exude the Mediterranean vibe or some other tropical setting can make for a truly remarkable landscape. To achieve this look, designers will often utilise actual or faux rocks for that natural vibe. With added features such as flow control, LED lighting, and multiple waterfall streams, you can immediately alter the visual dynamic of your pool depending on your mood.

Think Green

Greenery can play an integral role in outlining your pool waterfall’s appeal. Combining plants with luxurious poolside seats will help define a more modern appearance. For a rural look, you can opt to install a cabana and even a thatched roof hut to create a unique and striking getaway in your own backyard.

Go Mystical

Prominent waterfall features also provide the perfect opportunity to build grotto structures or structures symbolic of historic or cultural importance. Coupled with subdued lighting, grottoes radiate a mystical vibe.

Think Outside the Box

Nothing should ever stop you from diving beyond the obvious when it comes to pool waterfall designs, so feel free to do so. Overflowing fountains, playful water slides, and even LED lights that change in colour—think of what you can add to create a visual and textural contrast to your outdoor space.

Use these pool waterfall ideas for inspiration. When you have a design idea in mind, you may want to consult with a trusted builder of plunge pools in Perth such as Palm City Pools to discuss how to turn your waterfall dream into reality.


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