Perth Swimming Pools: 4 Common Questions about Salt Water Chlorinators

When it comes to clean and well-maintained Perth swimming pools, salt water chlorinators are all the rage these days. If you still haven’t made the switch to this type of pool chlorination system, consider the following frequently asked questions and learn about the benefits of owning such a wonderful piece of technology.

Perth Swimming Pools 4 Common Questions about Salt Water Chlorinators

What is a salt water chlorinator?

As the name implies, salt water chlorinators use salt to create the chlorine necessary to effectively sanitise swimming pool water. Salt water passes through the chlorinator’s electrolytic cell which converts the salt into chlorine, which is what kills all the contaminants, bacteria and algae within a pool.

What are the benefits of using a salt water chlorinator?

Salt water chlorinators significantly minimise—and at times completely eliminate—the need to purchase and handle chlorine for pool water maintenance. This means better safety, convenience, and savings for pool owners. Salt water chlorinators keep pool water clean whilst making it softer and less irritating to the eyes and skin.

Is it expensive?

Salt water chlorinators are available in a range of models and outputs to suit the plethora of pool shapes and volumes in the market, you’ll find that these systems will pay for themselves in time. Salt is a lot cheaper than chlorine, which means significant savings for pool owners over the course of the pool’s lifespan.

Can salt water chlorinators be used on all types of pools?

Yes, concrete, fibreglass and vinyl liner are all ok to use with salt water chlorination systems. Fibreglass pools like those sold by Palm City Pools, are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to use a saltwater chlorinator with their swimming pool.

Where should you get a quality salt water chlorinator?

Trusted contractors like Palm City Pools install both fibreglass swimming pools in Perth and salt water chlorinator systems. A fibreglass pool typically comes with the highest quality gel surface coating – a well-designed, expertly built, and beautiful pool that will last for many years and require minimal maintenance.



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