Perth Swimming Pools: Which Popular Pool Shape Suits Your Lifestyle?

In-ground swimming pools are always a welcome addition to any home in Perth as they add a certain aesthetic appeal to the backyard and serve as a place where the family can have fun together. As a homeowner, you have control as to what the layout of the pool will be, from its shape to the accessories or features to be included. Whilst it is good to have your own pool to use whenever you want, it is far more important to pick a pool shape that will match your lifestyle. Here are some popular pool shapes for you to consider.


Oval Pools for Water Fun


Families who like to play around in the water would find oval pools much more to their liking. The rounded edges and non-formal design of these pools make them perfect for fun water activities. You can even set up pool jets along the pool’s perimeter and still have a lot of space for floaters. Oval pools are available in different widths, depths, and lengths.


Rectangular Pools for Exercise


If you like staying fit and strong, there’s no better exercise than swimming several laps in your very own rectangular pool at home. Rectangular pools fit small spaces, thanks to their long and narrow design, and are perfect for swimming laps. Straight edges give your lap pool a formal and sporty look.


Roman or Grecian Pools for Parties


If you like throwing poolside parties, Grecian or Roman style pools are good choices. These designs borrow familiar elements from ancient architecture and are available in a variation of cuts with stylised corners and rounded ends, perfect as the centrepiece of your home and as the venue for a classy poolside party. If you prefer these elegant pool designs, you must have ample backyard space.


Kidney Shaped Pools for that Resort Feeling


A great way to enhance your backyard is to give it that hotel resort feel with a kidney shaped swimming pool. Natural in appearance and similar in shape to an oval pool apart from an indent in one side. This provides a great canvas to landscape around and will fit into many areas a rectangular shape will not with its free form design and flowing curves. Why not add a waterfall feature which is one of the most requested additions to backyard swimming pools in Perth to create that resort ambience.


These are only some of the shapes available from pool companies in Perth like Palm City Pools. Shape is not the only deciding factor, however. The landscaping, accessories, safety, materials and other important details should all meet your specific needs.



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