Plunge Pools in Perth: Simplicity Will Help Homeowners Save Some Space

A pool in the average home’s backyard is perhaps one of the most apparent signs of Australians’ love for the outdoors. The trouble is that having limited space puts some people off from pool installation. Yet in the suburbs of Perth, many homeowners do not see space as a hindrance and make it a point to install plunge pools no matter how small their backyards are.

Building a plunge pool, or any pool for that matter, involves various technical considerations, however. When it comes to pool installation in tight spaces, keeping things simple is the way to go.

Simple Outdoor Pool

Keep It Simple

Forget about intricate shapes that make it more challenging to design the rest of the pool area. Instead, consider a pool with straight sides and corners that would be easier to install at the corner of your backyard, by the side of your house, or near your deck. You can make up for the pool’s simplicity by adding other fun elements like waterfall features and coloured pool lights. You can also decorate the poolside with key furniture pieces, including lounge chairs, coffee tables, and large umbrellas that would be perfect for entertaining friends and hosting intimate pool parties.

Less Width, more depth

Some homeowners should consider pools that offer more depth rather than width. A trusted plunge pool contractor in the Perth area, such as Palm City Pools, can offer a variety of pools in many different shapes, sizes and depths for you to choose from.

Pick a Location

You may not have the luxury of being too creative with the pool installation site. Depending on the size and layout of your frontyard and backyard relevant to the position of your house and taking factors such as the slope and fence line of your property into consideration, you may be left with little options to choose from. Rather, work with what you have. At any rate, it is advisable to have the pool contractor look at the lay of the land before any digging commences. Your contractor can then determine the best place to install your new plunge pool.

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