Plunge Pools in Perth: The Perfect Way to Add Curves to Your Backyard

Beautiful home design essentially entails an artful mix of lines and curves related to your outdoor area. If a space is too angular, you can soften it up and break the monotony by introducing fluid arches. For instance, you can add curves to a courtyard by means of intricately crafted furnishings that enhance visual appeal and designate distinct focal points.




In particular, the right furniture and landscaping elements can accentuate an angular (e.g. square, rectangular, or L-shaped) pool. A plain-looking poolside can also be made infinitely more appealing with the addition of a curved daybed or a wicker couch, a sweeping garden bed, vibrant ornamental flowers, and carefully pruned shrubs.

Fibreglass plunge pools in Perth also make for an ingenious way to add curves to any backyard. When it comes to selecting the right plunge pool shape, consider the following options:

The Classics

Aside from the round or oval pool shapes typically seen in many homes, you may want to consider kidney-shaped pools that fit well even in smaller courtyards or outdoor spaces with irregular dimensions. The pool’s indented side can be made more interesting with features such as waterfalls or fountains, a hot tub, or decorative landscaping elements to integrate curves and improve visual interest in the pool area.

The Eccentrics

Instead of a typical rectangular or elliptical pool, you can have a Roman-end pool installed for a truly standout backyard retreat. The straight sides, sharp corners, and curvilinear ends give a Roman-end pool such a distinctive shape and an elegant, artistic addition to your home. You can then place lounging benches or patio furniture sets on each corner of your pool to create visual symmetry.

You can explore plenty of other pool shapes that satisfy your aesthetic preferences. At any rate, you’ll have to consider the kind of pool design that best suits your courtyard and your home’s overall design when shopping for options. Reputable Perth pool companies like Palm City Pools offer an extensive inventory of low-maintenance refurbished fibreglass pools in a wide variety of shapes and finishes that are as good as new and cost less than a new pool installation.

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