Pool Ideas for Small Spaces

One of the most common questions people ask when they are considering a pool for their backyard is, ‘Do I have enough space?’ It is true that a pool can take a sizeable chunk out of your backyard once it’s installed. Many people fear that it will make their outdoor space feel a lot smaller. Adding a pool can be one of the best decisions you can make for your family and your home, however. As a leading installer of plunge pools in Perth, here’s some tips to enable you to make room for a pool, even when you have limited space in your yard.

Choosing the Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are a great choice for those with small backyards. Although they are usually of average depth, they tend to be smaller and have fewer requirements than regular pools. What’s great about plunge pools is that they’re generally a cheaper option than a full-size pool. Their smaller size also gives homeowners greater flexibility over where to install them. While they might not be ideal for people who enjoy doing laps in the pool, plunge pools offer the same potential for family relaxation just like other larger pools.

Consider Curved Designs

Most pools are rectangular so when planning for a smaller pool, consider a kidney or tear drop-shaped pool. At Palm City Pools, we have many designs for you to choose from. Unlike a rectangular pool, curved-shaped pools can be harder to measure so it’s always best to get the professionals from Palm City Pools over to measure it up for you.

Integrate it with the Backyard Design

A good way to give a smaller pool a boost is to make it a crucial element in your backyard design. Think of it as the key feature. Allow the pool to be integrated into the landscaping of your whole garden and arrange your garden furniture around it. By making a small swimming pool the central design element in your backyard, you enhance its impact on your outdoor space in a positive way.

Play with the Light

Our fibreglass pools come in a wide range of amazing surface finishes. Keep in mind how your backyard is going to look. Choosing the correct colour will seamlessly blend your pool into your picture-perfect backyard. Fibreglass pools offer unmatched versatility and reliability. Here at Palm City Pools, we provide our customers with options to suit a wide range of needs. Contact us now to learn more about how we can install one of our stunning pool designs in your backyard.