Pool Installation: Perfect Places for Plunge Pools in an Urban Home

Before you can install a swimming pool in your home, you should of course pick the perfect spot. For homes in major cities like Perth, where living spaces have shrunk over the decades, this could pose quite a dilemma.

Many homeowners are left wondering exactly how they can maximise what little space they have to begin with. If you find yourself in the same situation, here are some ideal places where you can install space-saving plunge pools.

The Open Backyard

No matter how small, the backyard is still one of the most logical places to install a pool. This area, after all, is easily accessible from within the house, and offers a bit of open-air privacy. The backyard is also a good location for when you just want to hang out with friends or family, throw a pool party, or just laze around as you catch some sun.

On the Side of the House

Is your backyard too crowded or what you might consider a high-traffic area? A plunge pool in the yard or space along the side of your house should work just fine. Side yard pools are actually pretty common in urban homes in Perth. You might have to settle for a pool design that emphasises length rather than width for best results, though.

In a Lush Garden

If you’ve got a green thumb, you probably can’t help but turn a portion of your home into a lush garden paradise. What could possibly make it even better? Why, the addition of an elegant little plunge pool, of course. You could create a veritable oasis with lush greenery and even more aesthetic appeal with the addition of beautiful water features such as a waterfall, a spillway, or even a water fountain.

The Home’s Interior

An indoor pool may be your best option if your backyard lacks privacy or is simply too small. You can have your own private spa paradise and enjoy the added benefit of keeping the pool water clear of fallen leaves and other debris.

Choosing the right location for your pool should help you get the most out of it. Consult a professional pool contractor from trusted companies like Palm City Pools so you can make the right choice.


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