Pool Placement: Do Perth Swimming Pools Have to be in the Backyard?

Swimming pools are customarily built in backyards, though such a placement is by no means compulsory. If certain obstacles such as trees exist, however, the city council may or may not permit non-standard pool placement.

SPLASH! Magazine’s December 2014/January 2015 issue provides pool placement tips targeted at pool builders that every pool owner would also do well to keep in mind.

Full visibility

You may want to place a swimming pool in your Perth home where you can see every inch of it. According to SPLASH! writer Veda Dante, most pool owners spend more time looking at their pools than actually swimming in them. Not surprisingly, many Perth homes have huge windows as well as glass doors that enable direct access to the pool area. Full visibility is also a good idea if you have small children using the pool area. This ensures essential supervision of the children as they have fun in the swimming pool.

Zero obstacles, if possible

A nearby tree provides much-needed shade on hot days, although lateral tree roots can also place pressure on the external pool wall and even damage plumbing systems. Most pool builders caution against tree root removal, though, as doing so may destabilise the tree and render it unsafe during high winds or storms. Instead, they seek to find a way around such an obstacle

For example, builders typically install pools above sewers and underground lines. Utility workers regularly inspect these systems, and they may not take kindly to a pool that prevents them from going under and doing their jobs. This would be a great time to coordinate with the local council regarding pool placement.

Soil condition

Swimming pools in Perth can be built almost anywhere, but installation will depend on the nature of the local soil. Fibreglass pools are ideal for any type of soil: loam, sand, or clay. That being said, pool owners should also consider the need for backfill. Sandy soil, which is prevalent along Western Australia’s coastline, can cave in when wet, it is a necessity to make sure the soil is compacted appropriately.

For this reason, pool builders like Palm City Pools undertake careful inspection of the property as part of the installation process. Such a precaution allows them to carry out a proper installation based on the type of soil on the property. With adequate backfilling and problem-free installation, fibreglass pool owners need not worry about soil beds caving in during bouts of heavy rainfall.


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