Pools for Perth Homes: Tips to Match or Improve a Weatherboard House

One can certainly appreciate the variety of residential architecture styles in Perth, some of which are more popular than others. Federation-style houses are probably the most common residences you’ll find as this style celebrates the country’s identity through flora and fauna or sunrise motifs in the timber work. You’ll also see some California Bungalows and numerous houses with contemporary designs.

Pools for Perth Homes Tips to Match or Improve a Weatherboard House

In most cases, you may observe a common element in any of the above architectural styles: weatherboard. This lightweight siding material is distinctively wooden in appearance and made of either genuine timber or more modern materials like vinyl and acrylic. The classic lap siding gives both traditional and modern homes an undeniable charm.

To make your weatherboard house even more appealing, you might want to install a pool in your backyard. Take note of the following pointers when selecting and installing pools in Perth:

The basic, practical aspects should be sorted out first.

Before anything else, you have to secure certain government requirements such as a Building Licence, Shire Application, and a Water Corporation approval. You also need to get an Engineering Report and a Swimming Pool & Spa Association of WA (SPASA) contract. Be sure to work with a pool company that will help you complete these documents.

The pool size, shape, and structure matter.

Pick a pool with the exact shape and dimensions that match the architecture of your home and backyard area. A round, oval, or kidney-shaped plunge pool with waterfall features allows you to maximise a cramped backyard. You can also choose a rectangular or Roman-end for a tight but lengthy space. Opt for wooden paving to complement the clapboards of your home, or choose either marble or brick to surround your pool and balance the various design elements.

Infuse the pool area with colours through landscaping and lighting.

Arrange vibrant plants and brightly painted furnishings in the remaining outdoor space to breathe life into your backyard. For a more dramatic ambience at night, install poolside lights or sconces on the deck.

Looking for a quality inground swimming pool at prices that are reasonable? Pool companies like Palm City Pools offer complete packages for refurbished fibreglass pools that come with extras like waterfall features and air blowers for that added touch of luxury. Pool experts will also provide invaluable advice on paving, fencing, and landscaping your entire outdoor living space to ensure it complements your weatherboard house.



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