Pools in Perth Homes: Gateway to Better Health and Olympic Athleticism

Pools in Perth Homes: Gateway to Better Health and Olympic Athleticism

As early as today, tensions can be felt in Australia’s swimming world, in anticipation of the upcoming
Rio Olympics. Craig Lord writes in an editorial for SwimVortex on the rekindling rivalry among Australia
and U.S.A.:

“So dominant has the USA been in world waters of late that it is hard to imagine that only 12
years has passed since Australia topped the aquatic superpower at world titles in Fukuoka as
the Sydney 2000 Olympic host nation rode the wave of confidence and self-belief and Don
Talbot led his shoal to 13 gold to 9 triumph of southern stars over stars and stripes.


… Spreading the elite swimming word has limited application if one of the key missions is
passed over: to have a greater congregation in for the long haul and dropping their donations
in the trays marked ‘entry fees’, ‘registration’, etc … and from that number turning the key to
Olympic gold generation after generation, the next Phelps or Franklin not much more than a
pew away from the altar of excellence.


Can Australia compete with that? Can it be No1?”

Of course, it is foolhardy to mandate every household to get their own swimming pools in the hopes
that Australian children will take to the water and instantly dream of bringing home the gold medal.
Then again, at least this option of having pools at home is a feasible and enjoyable one – Olympic
medal or not.

can australia ever match usa might again

After all, there are plenty of other benefits of swimming, national fame and glory aside. The most
obvious benefit, certainly, is the fitness, thanks to the full body workout that swimming laps could
bring. New studies have also found that it helps in the cognitive development of children. Pools in
Perth homes also add to the aesthetic appeal of the property, thereby consequently increasing its
value as well. People love to be able to dip in pools, especially during the humid days, and what better
way to do it than to just walk over to their own pool in the backyard?


Experienced pool installers, such as Palm City Pools, can help potential pool owners explore the many
options of concrete, vinyl-lined, above-ground or fibreglass pool prices to find suitable home swimming
pools that fit their budget. Investing in high-class swimming pools assures both parents and children
that any training activity can be done with little stress on the body, possibly, even become the gateway
to Australia’s next big swimming superstar.


Lord, March 20, 2014)