Pre-Loved Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Perth Get a Second Lease on Life

Your family has had plenty of fond memories swimming and frolicking in your fibreglass pool, and you have grown quite attached to it. Many households, however, will eventually outgrow their swimming pools. If you feel that the time has come to make way for another structure as well as other enhancements to your backyard, then you need to decide what to do with your beloved pool.


Do not fret, however because you can count on specialists like Palm City Pools to remove, refurbish, and transfer Perth swimming pools professionally and find another family who will find good use for your fibreglass pool. Here are the steps typically taken when it comes to removing a pool for refurbishment:

Step 1

It all starts with cleaning away any scaling or mineral accumulation using industry-grade cleaning products that specifically target calcium, rust, and lime deposits.  Those in charge of cleaning the pool take particular care not to damage the pool by using dedicated tools that are designed to avoid scratches, nicks, and other types of surface damage.

Step 2

Next, the entire pool surface needs to be sanded with tools such as specialised sandblasters to remove the old gel coat. Once this step is completed, the pool will have to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris from the sanding.

Step 3

A fresh gel coat will then be applied over the entire pool surface. Typically, two coats of gel are enough, but a third layer may be necessary to ensure a more lustrous appearance. Refurbishing specialists give the pool enough time for the gel coat to be completely cured before reinstalling it in its new location.

When would you need to have your old pool removed?

Despite the many good memories your old fibreglass pool has given you, the time may come when you just have to let it go. If you think this is an option worth considering, know that companies like Palm City Pools provide thorough and efficient pool removal services that leave your backyard largely undisturbed. With their outstanding craftsmanship and customer service, these experts also make sure that pre-loved swimming pools in Perth are as good as new by the time they are ready for transfer to a different site.

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