Quality Swimming Pools Help Keep Seniors in Perth Fit and Healthy

It is well known that bodily functions gradually wane with age. Did you know, however, that this decline can be aggravated by inactivity? In fact, a study conducted by the University of Queensland on 2,000 Australians aged 60 and above revealed that elderlies these days tend to spend more time on the couch than younger adults.

It was also found that the risk of developing a metabolic syndrome, or one that can contribute to Type 2 diabetes, is heightened with the number of hours older Australians spend watching TV. “Reducing sedentary behaviour may be a feasible and practical way for older adults to improve their health and may be particularly important for those whose health or physical functioning limits their participation in moderate-intensity physical activity”, says Dr. Paul Gardner, leader of the said study.

All clichés aside, it is worth repeating that regular exercise becomes increasingly essential as people age. Amongst other things, exercise helps delay the onset of cognitive decline and, above all, enables the elderly to remain energetic. A decrease in bone strength and density, muscle mass, and the loss of joint flexibility, however, gradually hinder seniors from performing more intense exercises.

The solution, however, might lie right in your own backyard, which could be the perfect site for a swimming pool. Compared to jogging and bicycling, swimming is a more ideal workout for an aging body because it requires minimal strain yet utilises entire muscle groups.

Here are a few of the health benefits seniors can reap:

1. Greater flexibility. Swimming is found to improve flexibility in the arms, legs, neck, and hips. Greater flexibility often leads to reduced back pain and promotes better posture.

2. Lower risk for osteoporosis. Bone density decreases with age. Swimming helps build bone mass, which thereby reduces the risk of fractures amongst the elderly.

3. Better heart health. Swimming helps burn fat and increases the body’s aerobic capacity at the same time, thereby improving circulation and reducing one’s risk for coronary heart disease.

4. Soothed joints. Relative weightlessness in pool water allows a full-body workout without putting excessive strain on the joints.

5. Toned muscles. More muscle power is needed to move through pool water as it is, after all, denser than air. This aids muscle tone and firmness.

Swimming pools offer more than relaxation as they can indeed be instrumental to your quest for good health at any age. For professional pool installation, talk to a trusted local company such as Palm City Pools.


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